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Career in Radiology

What are Careers in Radiology?
The definition of radiology, according to the web definitions, is: "The use of radiation (such as x-rays) or other imaging technologies (such as ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging) to diagnose or treat disease." That definition should help you to get a better picture of what sort of careers there are in radiology. The careers in radiology that are mentioned within the definition are those of x-ray, MRI, and ultrasound technician. Other, less obvious careers in radiology include nuclear medicine technologists, and cardiovascular technicians.

How much Training is needed for a Career in Radiology?
The length training required to pursue a career in radiology is between 1 and 4 years. You will complete your training with a certificate, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree. Training for careers in radiology is available through technical schools, state and private colleges. Coursework will include biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and technical training.

What is a Career in Radiology Like?
Most careers in radiology are full time positions that average 40 hours per week. Some positions require evenings, weekends, and on call hours. The work environment is clean, climate controlled, and professional. Most of your work as a radiologist would be in working with radiological machines. However, some of the work involves interacting with patients. You may be required to assist patients in or out of bed, help them to move, and administer substances into their bloodstream for testing. Physical strength and fitness is required for careers in radiology as lifting and moving of heavy equipment and patients may be required. Long hours on your feet will be much easier for you if you are in good physical condition.

The outlook for careers in radiology is very good, with many employers reporting a shortage of qualified technicians. Contact radiology degree providers in your area or online for more information.

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