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Careers in Alternative Health Care

About Alternative Health Practices
Alternative health practices are a group of diverse health care practices, and products that are not considered to be a part of conventional Western healthcare. Alternative health practices can include such common practices as physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, herbal remedies, diet fads, yoga, and massage therapy, as well as some more obscure practices such as homeopathy, acupuncture, humors, aromatherapy, and radium treatments. These and other health practices typically included in the realm of alternative health often lack satisfactory scientific explanations for their effectiveness, and are in several instances looked upon with skepticism. But as these practices and their benefits continue to be better researched, some, such as physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga, alternative health diets, and acupuncture, have become more and more widely accepted and practiced. Some alternative health practices, such as massage therapy and yoga, have even been shown to be beneficial in decreasing anxiety, improving alertness, increasing blood circulation, and lymph flow, improving range of motion, and increasing endorphin levels.

Training in Alternative Health
Specialized colleges and holistic schools around the country offer a number of new age educational programs in the various fields of alternative health. You can earn degrees and certifications that will prepare you for alternative health careers in fields such as holistic healthcare, naturopathy, Chinese herbology and medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, clinical counseling, psychology, Ayurveda, massage therapy, yoga, and more.

Careers in Alternative Health
As the awareness of both the physical and mental benefits of alternative health and its various practices becomes more widely known and accepted, the demand for qualified and skilled alternative health specialists continues to increase. Training and certification in one or more of these practices will prepare you for a number of careers in alternative health with the training and credentials to work at a spa, health club or gym, on a cruise ship or at a resort hotel, in private practices, hospitals, hospice care facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, drug treatment clinics, or to establish your own alternative medical practice.

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