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You will also be able to talk to current trainees to discover what they think of the course and hear from a graduate. Click here to book your location. Contents.

The Tzu Chi Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medication The Humber community gain from having The Tzu Chi Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine on campus. Trainees in the TCM program are lucky to complete much of their clinical hours in this operating center. Applying their theoretical understanding, students are monitored by professional, registered specialists; proven leaders in the field of TCM Ontario.

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You are a self-motivated person, with a strong, caring, work ethic, and strong social abilities. You have the self-confidence to make clinical and business choices to be successful in this profession. Your Profession The TCM profession is a recently controlled and growing health profession in Ontario and throughout Canada, and work futures for graduates are favorable.

This course covers the standard idea of the meridians, with a focus on the 12 regular meridians and the eight additional meridians. This is an introductory course in which students will learn the idea, classification and measurement approaches of acupoints.

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3 credits, Prerequisite: A-1001, A-1004, A-1006, W-1001, W-1003. Under the guidance and instructions of the instructor, trainees observe certified acupuncturists dealing with clients with complex conditions in a medical theater setting. Students will prepare to pass the five-part evaluation needed for promo to clinic internship. Trainees will sign up for and take the Clean Needle Method course if they have not already done so.

Discuss the actions and functions of the parts of the body from a Chinese medicine point of view. Describe the normal and abnormal functions of the Organs from a Chinese medication point of view and how they vary from the Western perspective. Describe the relations between the body and pathogenic factors- what do we indicate by "Wind" intrusion? and so on

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The course is self directed with support from your tutor. You can finish the course in over one month. This course supplies a strong structure in the ideas that underpin Chinese Medication. At the end of this course you will have the ability to: Describe the traditional Chinese view of disease Identify and list the reasons for illness in Traditional Chinese Medication Describe and explain the idea of Qi, the Yin Yang perspective and the Five element Viewpoint and how they are used in practice.

Chinese Medicine for Yoga Online is here!   Jennifer Raye   Medicine and  MovementCrash Course: The Basics of Chinese Medicine. ~ Yara Coelho elephant journal Chinese medicine, Fifth element, Medicine
Chinese Medicine for Yoga Online is here!   Jennifer Raye   Medicine and  MovementChinese Medicine Online Course

Discuss the regular and irregular functions of the Organs from a Chinese medication point of view and how they vary from the Western point of view. Have an appreciation of pattern differentiation in Chinese medication- this is the basis of diagnosis and therefore treatment, whether acupuncture or natural medicine.

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Is this course right for me? Yes! This course is a fantastic way to find out more about Chinese Medication for those thinking about personal practice and research study. Will I get a certificate at the end of the program? Can I utilize this course for accreditation with Yoga Alliance? Yes! This course can be used as 20 hours towards continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance and we can send you a certificate at your request when you finish the program.

Can I go at my own rate? What if I wish to do the course later on? The course is an entirely self-paced online course - you choose when you start and when you complete. The course is divided into 4 main modules, but you're free to go at your own rate and go back to the material whenever you 'd like.

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Can I study with Jennifer personally? Yes! Jennifer offers yoga training at various locations all over the world. Check out her schedule and register for her subscriber list for updates. And if you have a studio or community that would like to host Jennifer's training please contact our group.

How are these courses various than Jennifer's in person courses? Jennifer's online courses are based on her in-person training modules.

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And, if you've completed the in-person training you receive a discount for the online training.

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